Sid's Deli, Toronto

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Sid’s Deli was a cozy, family-friendly deli in downtown Toronto, owned by people who care deeply about authentic deli food. Corned beef was marinated and slow-cooked in-house, the matzo ball soup was a family-held recipe, and they couldn’t resist stocking up on Vernors ginger ale.

Sid’s was a namesake for the owner’s father-in-law, and the brand I created captured his personality: personable, fun, and authentic.

The deli unfortunately closed in 2016, but the identity still stands out in the Toronto market.

Sid's illustrated mascot
#E8001A #780212 #FFFFFF #000000

Modified Lobster brings some nice flavour

Lato compliments the script font nicely on web and print

The exterior of the restaurant with a view of the awning and window decals
The interior of the restaurant, with black and white checkers and red counters
A window decal with Sid's logo

Sid's wordmark

The owners were keen on a 60s funky feel, so it took a few iterations to land on the exact "style" that felt right. Here are some "no's" that stood out most compared to the final illustration style above.

Unused version of the logo
Unused version of the logo
Unused version of the logo

Seeing print

Each asset was designed to be easily reproducible by the owners with their at-home printer. The business cards and menus can easily be printed in black and white, and everything else can be interchanged with white, black, and red accessories: napkins, plates, cutlery, mugs, and even tablecloths.

Food labels on a table
Business cards on a table
A menu sample with some food labels
A bunch of Sid's mascots holding mustard and corned beef A bunch of Sid's mascots holding mustard and corned beef
Top view of a desk with Sid's website open on an ipad

Goodies inside and out

A few yummy sides to accentuate and enliven the inside of the restaurant

A rubber stamp on a table
A branded service shirt with Sid's Deli embroidered
A branded soup jar and brown bag

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