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Wave’s blog has been a valuable source of free and inspirational content for entrepreneurs since 2010. There was an opportunity to improve its performance so that we could better reach audiences, and to continue maintaing domain authority.

I looked at competitors’ blogs, like Shopify and Gusto HR, and built wireframes and prototypes to test multiple solutions. My focus was to help users get to their desired content more quickly, and to bring some personality to sometimes uninteresting content. Check out Wave's blog here →

A preview of the blog in a browser and a mobile device

Platform objectives

Encourage readers to self-educate with helpful content on diverse topics and share with their networks.

Create a recognizable, scalable design system that allows for testing and performance iteration.

Support SEO campaigns and initiatives through link building, keyword placement and appropriate cross-posting.


social sharing

keyword ranking


mins on page

mobile experience

Accessibility is king

I started by taking a deep dive into Wave's previous articulation of corporate and community values, and broke them down into digestible bits.

Once I had a clear idea of what would be most impactful for our audiences, I built a story and created wireframes that concisely explained the key aspects of Wave's internal culture.

Preview of a category landing page on the blog
Preview of an article page

Content first

Content verticals are displayed prominently on scroll, and transition nicely to mobile.

Font sizes are digestibile and legible, making chapters in longer posts easier to identify.

We’ve removed sign up banners or other CTAs, so the reader can focus on the content.

A/B testing has shown that removing the sign-up sidebar does not impact conversions.

Diversity in imagery

Multiple images like photography and illustration
An illustration of a group of people walking

Comms as a strategy

Engage with a social post

A mobile device with a Facebook ad

Read the article

A mobile device with a blog post

Sign up

A mobile device with a sign up form


cost per promoted post


mins on article



CTR on average per email

Across platforms

Emails are the primary way Wave talks to its users—we present product changes, new features, and a very helpful onboarding experience via email.

I led the marketing department’s transition to a universal email deployment platform, designing a flexible and mobile-first experience that delivers content in a legible and attractive way. In creating this sytem and working with a developer to build out the templates any non-designer could use, I helped turn a very manual and costly process into a seamless and hyper-successful one.

Mobile devices showing the blog experience

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