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A large part of the Wave culture is the openness and leadership that each teammate exudes. How better to bring people together and share values than to create an immersive and memorable experience? A site that brings it all together.

The challenge

Teams across the org needed a space that they could go to to connect with Wave’s values, build stronger relationships, and create more effectively.

We had an opportunity to create a space that would unify Wavers.

Bonus: interviewing candidates would better understand what daily life is like, what to expect from leadership, and how they can help support entrepreneurs around the world.

Handwritten notes planning the project
Quotation marks
I used stories to authentically represent Wave’s culture.
There is a quiet balance between what Wave feels is most important about their values, and showing the value and impact of being a Waver.
A hand-drawn sketch of the site's wireframe

I started by taking a deep dive into Wave’s previous articulation of corporate and community values and broke them down into digestible bits.

Once I had a clear idea of what information would have the most impact, I built a story and created wireframes that better illustrated Wave’s internal culture.

Some handwritten notes for planning the project








recruitment funnels

Made for Wavers and non-Wavers

The website is primarily built as a recruitment tool, providing a peek into what life is like at the office, and how Wavers work together.

Its secondary purpose, and the factor that ultimately shaped the story as we see it today, is its significance in providing a unifying language to Wavers: it empowers each individual to be authentic, speak up, and support a thriving community of creators.

A preview of the website in a laptop

Things I made

An illustration of two people holding up a Open for Business sign
An illustration of legs walking up the stairs

Things I made

An illustration of two people holding an Open for Business sign
shot for personality, not ambiguity
Headshots of a group of people Headshots of a group of people

Collaborating with people around the office allowed me to shoot footage that really reflected what it's like being at the office.

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